Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Love it!

He makes some good points:
Sometimes I wonder if we have so confused these two entities—the church and the institution—that our mission becomes the growth and advancement of the later rather than the former. When attendance at a church program is large we say, “the church is growing,” and when attendance is poor we say, “the church is failing.” But is that really accurate? Is the church growing or failing, or merely the institution? Can we even tell the difference anymore?


I would say the majority of those who use the term "church" cannot make the distinction or trust the listener to make the distinction when talking about it. It is truly sad, but most supposed Christ Followers today passionately invite people to church (institution with all it's social network and mission to grow the social network) with little real passion for the true bond which binds Christ Followers together. The social network is the bond unconsciously promoted with little knowledge or consciousness of the Spirit of Christ which truly binds those who believe together. Hence I call myself a Christ Follower now rather than Christian. When the definitions lose their meaning in the context of culture it's time for new words... especially when the words we use are so watered down and have lost their meaning like "church" today.