Sunday, January 23, 2011

I might consider the notion of "church" if...

So it's been a while since I wrote anything. One been busy... two just didn't have much to say... well, actually saying it one on one with several who needed it that way. Either way, today I was delighted to see this posted by a friend on his Facebook page. His name is Paul Vieira and you can find him at as well as on Facebook. Here's what he had to say...
I might consider the notion of "church" if those involved:

1. view the word "church" as meaning something more like its original context - "community", not a building, institution or organization

2. don't have personal agendas on what community should look like

3. feel no guilt about not going to church

4. are comfortable with there being no pastor - not expecting to be "spiritually fed" by another person

5. view worship as daily decisions to acknowledge God and do what is right by God - not about singing songs

6. (if music is involved) see music as a familiar way of creating atmosphere and expressing ideas and emotion

7. are on a journey with eyes looking to Jesus as the Authority on every matter in this life and the next

8. are comfortable with others being at different places on that journey - no judging

9. see community as something fluid - we don't have to meet all the time and it can look different each time

10. are comfortable with not knowing all the answers, others having different opinions, and appreciating the mystery of God

Does this describe anyone out there?

I simply responded, "ME!".