Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes, the things people say...

quote from twitter

I've been watching this guy tweet for some time, but this one demanded a post. It's actually the second time (that I know of) that he's tweeted the same phrase.

I'm trying to figure out if he just doesn't see it, or if he actually thinks pushing people to join his online church is "sowing the Gospel".

A couple of times, in response to other nonsensicalness he posted,  I tweeted back in reply to, in essence, point out the error in his thinking. I think he's learned, as do most "church" folks, that I'm no "prospect" for his congregation so he just ignores me now.

What do you think? Is Dr. Kenny Russell's statement above rather absurd? Do you think he really MEANS what this says or do you think he means something else and it just came out wrong?

Are we really blinded so much by ambition to build something or be joined by others in something that we will say anything to make it happen?